Monday, July 8, 2013

Got a black thumb? Try a Jade Plant

I wouldn't say we have a black thumb. It's kind of a brown thumb. Most of our plants go to the edge of dying, then we realize that we need to stop watering them so much. They usually struggle back to life--a couple of leaves hanging on. It's sad.

So when Mom K offered a start from her jade plant and told us we couldn't kill it, that sounded pretty good to me. Jade plants are also called friendship trees, lucky plant or money trees--I think that's another good reason to have one!

Grabbed a couple extra starts

Sure, we could take a start with roots, but the cool thing about jade plants is that all you need to do is break off a branch and stick it in dirt. That's it.

No roots--just a stalk

Then you can ignore it. The jade plant is a succulent, so allow it to dry out between watering.

Our two original 2-inch parts we planted have done pretty good even in the corner without a lot of light.

It's grown 4 inches in the last couple months

Our two stalks looked a little lonely, so we asked for a few more stalks and planted them--hopefully, it will start to fill out a little better!

Grow, little jade plant, grow!

Give a jade plant a try--your gardening ego will get a boost!


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