Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Best Face on the new Samsung 4S

Lee bought me a new phone this last week because of my increasing complaints of the slowness of my old phone. It worked out even better since I was due for an upgrade, so I got a really good deal on the new Samsung 4S.

First picture taken with my Samsung S4!


I've been exploring my phone and just discovered the different camera modes, so we had to try out Best Face.

In a nutshell, 5 quick shots will be taken in a row and the phone will present you with what it thinks is the best shot. But then you can click through the 5 different options and choose a different version of your face if the phone didn't choose the best option in the first place.

So we gave it a try.

First picture: This was the best picture of Lee's face.


Second picture: Apparently my best face is my surprised one.

Oh boy!

Third picture: Yikes! My camera must think we're taking pictures in a wind tunnel.


Fourth picture: Lee's best face is just plain fuzzy.

Lee's face has been smudged

Fifth picture: What's wrong with us?!? These are our best faces?!?


Sixth picture: Hey, that's much better!

Now that looks better!

Okay, we had too much fun with that camera mode! We'll let you know if we discover anything new.


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