Monday, July 1, 2013

30-Day Challenge: Start a Foolish Project

My June 30-Day Challenge didn't work out like I planned! It was kind of a failure. I got a little farther on all my goals, but didn't finish anything.

I realized that I need to be more specific and focused on only one thing--that's kind of the beauty of the 30-Day Challenge.

One thing for 30 days--I can handle that.

I've been thinking a lot of what I want to do for my 30-Day Challenge for July. My mind keeps thinking of Andrea Scher's site Superhero Life, where she is having an e-class this month called "Start a Foolish Project".

Trying to be super heroes!

A line of poetry came to Andrea recently and she was inspired:

Start a  huge, foolish project
like Noah.
It makes absolutely no difference 
what people think of you.

Whenever I think of what kind of foolish project I would do, I can't help but think about how we're going to Iceland in August. It just seems perfect to pair a foolish project with our trip to Iceland!

Starting some Iceland trip planning

So, this month, Lee and I are going to figure out a foolish project to do while we're in Iceland. We're leaving mid-August, which will give us time to brainstorm and plan and make preparations for what we'll dub "Mission Iceland".

We didn't win a trip to Iceland before, but we're going now!

We've got a couple ideas a-brewing, but if you have any good ideas to share with us so Iceland isn't just some random vacation or trip we went on, we'd love to hear them! We're so excited!

Won't you join us in a foolish project this month?


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