Sunday, June 30, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 25

It's been a vertical, victorious, and vivacious week!

June 23: Some of the kids at our church are in charge of gathering the hymnals after the service and since they're boys, it was a contest of how many could they actually stack. (Blurred faces to protect the innocent!)

34 books! Not bad!

June 24: Time for a quick dinner of gretchka and scrambled eggs. Lee is so cute!

Love those green glasses!

June 25: Have we said that we've bought our tickets to Iceland?!? We have! And we also got a couple tour books--we are SO excited!

We're going to Iceland!

June 26: We got our new glasses! I love Lee's clear frame fronts--he's such a hipster especially with his new facial hair style too!

I'm a big fan of chops

June 27: I wore my new horned-rimmed glasses today--I love them!

There is some wood detailing on the horn-rimmed part--love it!

June 28: We had dinner with some of Lee's mission friends. One of his friend's daughters was intimidating with these Incredible Hulk gloves! And dang cute!


June 29: I headed to Tabula Rasa Social Stationers to maybe pick up some after-shave for Lee. It's such a stylish store, they have paper mache swans!

Paper mache swans

Have a vigorous upcoming week!


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