Sunday, June 23, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 24

What a outrageous, original, and outdoors week it's been!

June 16: Happy Father's Day! Hanging out with the family for Sunday dinner. Here's Thing 1 helping Grandma Malad get around.

Cute Grandma Malad and her granddaughter

June 17: I should have been packing, but I decided to plant my tomato plants instead because I've been a little behind in the whole garden this year. Better late than never!

Heirloom tomatoes in our square foot garden

June 18: We found some sheep at the Jerusalem Bazaar at the start of Youth Conference, The Journey. We had to pose with them, of course.

The cutest little sheep!

June 19: This game of canoe tug-o-war didn't really work out as they planned, but it was still fun for them to row around the lake anyway!

The rope got stuck in some lake algae - oh well!

June 20: We participated in an epic battle of capture the flag. There was plenty of ways to defend your flag too--foam "swords" and wet foam "rocks"!

Brilliant--camping foam cut up, soaked and used as ammo!

June 21: It was so cold in the mornings and the evenings during Youth Conference, I think some kids didn't expect it!

Last morning at breakfast near the lake

June 22: We were invited to a weenie roast in the neighborhood this day and the day prior. Surprisingly, we had more campfires while not camping than we did while we were camping.

Campfire coals

I hope you have a optimistic upcoming week!


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