Sunday, June 16, 2013

Project Life: Week 23

What a rambunctious, raucous, and radiant week!

June 9: It was our last day in Austin and I had to take a picture of the state capitol building--unobstructed views down Constitution Avenue.

Texas Capitol Building in Austin

June 10: My friend was trying to measure the length of this pool for an activity we were preparing for Wednesday, and my phone freaked out when I was taking a picture and merged several pictures together in the end. Looks kind of spooky!

Spooky pool picture!

June 11: Downtown Salt Lake is becoming much more bike friendly and green. I can picture this bike wheeling out and saying, "Let's go ride!"

Remember when we had fun?

June 12: During Mutual, Lee was in charge of the ice blocking activity. The skies looked amazing, threatening rain.

We had some first-time ice-blocking riders!

June 13: I rode a different route this day and I got a picture of these three chairs that were set out for any waiting bus riders. People are so nice!

A good turn...

June 14: Lee pointed out this weird ad on the side of the bus. There was a cartoon of unicorns sharing prescription medications and one of them was dead. Morbid.

A crossroad near our apartment

June 15: We had lost one of these pieces to the tents we were using for youth conference next week. I was taking a picture to see if I could find a similar part later.

It's a complicated tent part

I hope you have a rowdy upcoming week like I'm sure we will!


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