Friday, June 7, 2013

San Francisco Area Eats

I mentioned earlier that we headed out to see Bjork in concert in San Francisco for her Biophilia tour, and we got to spend a few days in the Bay area. We ate our way through San Francisco and we hit up some of our fave spots, as well as a couple new places this go around.

The Cheese Board Collective: Not technically in San Francisco, my sister, Dimples and the Mad Scientist, introduced me to this place when they lived in the Berkeley area. The cheese at the The Cheese Board are numerous and the staff are super friendly and will walk you through your cheese purchase if you're a novice. Plus, they make amazing bread goods here too. On another note, did you know that since it's a collective, every employee gets paid the same amount as all the other employees? Very cool and very hippie.

Mr. 404 enjoying a roll of some sort at The Cheeseboard

The Cheese Board Pizzeria (next door to The Cheese Board Collective): The Cheese Board Pizzeria only serves one type of pizza all day, depending on what ingredients are good at the market. This one had roasted zucchini and corn on it! It was hecka good!

Lee's checking out the live music before we dove into the pizza

Any random Chinese bakery in Chinatown (I don't know the name of the one we went into because I'm a bad Chinese person who doesn't know how to read Chinese): Go and get some steamed char siu pork buns--they sure know how to make them here. Eat one first and save one for later when you're exhausted and hungry from walking around all day. I totally made Lee order--he's so cute when he's trying to pronounce Chinese words.

Char siu buns are on the bottom left in this picture

Joe's Crab Shack: Last time we came, we asked several different locals where we could get some good seafood at the Wharf. All of them (5 different people) said Joe's Crab Shack. Whaaaat?!? We went and we were impressed! And it didn't disappoint this time either.

Let's Get Crackin'!

Namu Gaji: We were trying to go to the Bi-Rite Creamery, but hadn't eaten lunch yet. We decided to step out of the long ice cream line and get some food at this Korean American cuisine first. Wow and yum! We didn't end up getting any ice cream--the line grew even longer while we ate. Bummer!

I don't know what Lee ordered, but it was good!

King of Thai Noodle House: We stumbled upon this place near Union Square last time. We had some great pho and larb--hits the spot after all that shopping.

That bowl of pho was bigger than my head...and my head's big!

What are some of your food favorite establishments in the Bay Area for the next time we visit?


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