Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bjork and I are tight

When Lee and I were over at Mr. and Mrs. 404's home at the beginning of the year, trading some dill havarti cheese for computer services, we somehow got onto the subject of going to see Bjork if she came to the US this year.

Guess what? Bjork is touring this summer for her Biophilia album.

Road trip!

So we packed up in the 404's car and headed to San Francisco!

Our view from the backseat
We had a lot of fun doing some touristy and some non-touristy things. Lee and I love San Francisco!

The Palace of  Fine Arts in San Francisco

Driving the Golden Gate Bridge

Looking for baby crabs near our hotel

Ghirardelli Square and Fisherman's Wharf

The Ferry Building

Of course, the highlight of our trip was the Bjork concert at the Craneway Pavilion. The Craneway Pavilion is in Richmond and is a large, open warehouse--it was a pretty cool set up.

Bjork at Craneway Pavilion

We got in about 30 minutes after doors opened. It was great people watching!

The stage was set up in the round and we decided to figure out how we could get close to the front. We ended up in the back, but so close to the stage and somehow right next to the only stage entrance--right next to the path that Bjork would walk! Man, my concert-going skills are getting better!

This is how close we were to the stage!

Prior to the start of the concert, they asked everyone not to take pictures or video of the concert because they "strive to create a unique experience and want you enjoy the show now and not after the show."

I wanted to respect her artistic request, so I didn't get a single picture or a video of her when she walked on. Or when she was 5 feet away from us during the concert. Or when she walked off and right past me. Or when she came back for her encore. It about killed me and my Chinese picture-taking soul!

Before the start of the Bjork concert at our sweet spot

The concert was amazing. And as I mentioned earlier, it was refreshing to put the camera phone down because I noticed that:
  1. Bjork has perfect pitch.
  2. I think I've got better moves than most of Bjork's choir from Iceland and that's not saying much.
  3. Bjork wrinkles her nose sometimes when she finishes singing a line. It's so cute.
  4. She has a tea lady who strategically places tea and water around the stage for her.
  5. I love her accent.
  6. That woman can rock weird clothes, wigs, makeup, and shoes. Holy platform shoes, Batman!
  7. She loves technology. There was this huge Tesla coil apparatus that you just had to see.
  8. She looks amazing for someone who is 47 years old.
  9. One of the key members of the band was a rocking harp player.
  10. Bjork knows how to put on a good show. A really good show.
You can see the rocking harp player's harp in the background after the Bjork concert.

And though I didn't get a picture of Bjork, I touched her!

I touched the back of her arm as she exited the last time, because her concert outfit was so rad and weird-looking. It was made of plastic layers that looked like muscle fibers.

Credit Paige Parsons

Check out more Bjork pictures from the Craneway Pavilion here. Seriously, it was unlike any other concert I've been to and I kept getting blown away by the bizarre and beautiful musical and visual performance.

We had an great time with the 404s, and I'm especially glad Mrs. 404 suggested a trip to see Bjork!

I feel like our summer of Iceland begins now!


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