Monday, June 3, 2013

Being Manly

Lee celebrated his birthday last week. I decided to be smart and listen to one of Lee's best friends--we'll call him Mr. Hearty--who recommended that Lee check out The Art of Shaving.


Lee payed some attention to Mr. Hearty's excited testimonial of the badger hair shaving brushes and how nice the oils and creams are and that we had to watch some shaving YouTube videos to fully appreciate how awesome shaving can be. I payed close attention because Lee's face can get pretty irritated when he shaves.

So I sneakily headed to The Art of Shaving and was taught about the 4 elements of  a perfect shave by an excellent saleswoman, Jodi. I was convinced!

Fancy pants shaving company

I decided to buy him a kit, which included a badger brush, pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and after-shave. Jodi suggested that I choose the scent that I like the most, since I'm the one smelling him all the time. Classic sandalwood--oh baby!

I didn't get him a razor though. Lee wants to learn how to shave with a straight edge razor, but I didn't want to assume anything, so I opted to wait and let him pick his own.

It was finally his birthday. Thank goodness, because he was driving me nutso asking me what he was getting. I gave him the kit--he was genuinely surprised! Yes! It's pretty hard to take him by surprise. Now off to The Art of Shaving for his blade.

The barber spa in the bac

I sat in a cozy wingback chair in the corner while Lee got a lesson on straight edge razors from this dapper older gentleman wearing a bowtie.

Shaving technique

There is even some technique to stropping your blade (to strope = to sharpen).

Lee ended up buying a single blade safety razor and he loves it. He figured he should start with "training wheels" first, before graduating to the straight razor.

Yes, if you didn't know, Lee is VERY hairy!

You can tell that he enjoys it--he takes his time and looks very serious when he's shaving, then proudly shows off his smooth face afterward.

And man alive, Lee is so manly and sexy when he shaves. I am glad I went for the sandalwood scented kit--boy howdy!

Good job me for buying that awesome gift! I'd highly suggest a kit for any of the men in your life.


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