Sunday, June 9, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 23

It has been a hot, humid, and happening week!

June 2: Thing 1 and the Ballerina lighted Lee's birthday cake candles at Sunday dinner.

Such intense focus lighting those candles!

June 3: Domo's been hanging out on the table and not hiding. He keeps Lars company. And our dying flower.


June 4: Just hanging out with Lee and doing a little editing on the blog.

Still editing...

June 5: We sat next to this cute kid on the plane on his way back to Oklahoma and we talked with him the entire time. It's nice meeting nice people.

We love Southwest! And cool people on the plane.

June 6: Our first day in Austin and we headed to Franklin BBQ--we were so hot and sweaty waiting in line. We're just not used to the humidity!

Hungry for Franklin BBQ!

June 7: We headed to see the famous bats that come out at night and I loved seeing these kayakers float around fishing, waiting for the bats to come out.

No bites yet

June 8: Yes, this is a whole tray of poutin from Banger's in Austin. It was SO good!

Fries and gravy--weirdly delicious!

I hope you have a happy upcoming week!


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