Friday, January 11, 2013

Marriage Tip #12: Work Together

Lee and I got married in mid-December four years ago. We got married, then Christmas happened, and then we went on a family ski trip over New Year's.

We arrived home, coming off of a high from all the excitement and the fun of our wedding and the holidays. 

Then it snowed. And snowed. And snowed some more.

Utah snowstorm this year, Gandolf

Lee and I are responsible for some of the maintenance at the apartments in which we live. I knew when I got married to Lee that we'd be pulling weeds, shoveling snow, and billy-goating (aka industrial vacuuming).

So when it started to snow and snow and snow that first winter, we shoveled.

And shoveled. And shoveled some more.

From the wee hours of the morning...

I love shoveling early in the morning--it's quiet and peaceful! late at night.

We shovel whenever we need to shovel.

Ice melt time

I didn't realize it was going to be snowing so dang much that first month of our marriage!

But all that time together was awesome.  I had never done apartment work before, while Lee had been doing it for years, so I learned a lot of things, like what kind of gasoline is used to power a snow blower, how to start a snow blower, and how to efficiently throw ice melt (like you're bowling).

Early morning picture after shoveling

So our marriage tip for the day:

  • Find a project and work together: You can learn a lot about how you work and how your spouse works. You might find out that your work styles don't necessarily match, but hopefully you'll also learn how to creatively compromise to get it done.
  • Divide and conquer: When you're working together and especially if your work styles aren't the same, split up the work tasks. I really am not very good at working the big snow blower (I'd get dragged by that thing!), so Lee takes that one while I shovel the stairs.
  • Don't keep score: A lot of resentment can build up when you start tallying up what you've done and what your spouse has done. You are both going to be naturally better at certain things and may do things faster than the other person. I'm pretty good at weeding, and Lee is definitely better at billy-goating.
  • Don't be lazy: Work hard. Period. It's good for you and your spouse will think you are the bee's knees.
  • Compliment each other: High-five one another after you've accomplished your work project together.

It is so satisfying to see the fruits of your labor--I love cleared walks!

What we've seen outside lately--lots of snow!

So in light of Winter Storm Gandolf rolling in last night, we'll be shoveling this weekend...together!


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