Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 2

What a fun, full, and frenzied week!

January 6: I made this Russian cake, the Medovnik for a Russian Christmas party. It has 8 layers of cake, but traditionally can have up to 15 layers. It was pretty close to what I remember it being in Russia, so I say it was a success!

The frosting is made with whipped and sour cream--lovely!

January 7: Making dinner with Lee. Unfortunately, I didn't realize we didn't have a lot of pasta, so there are three types of pasta in this pot with three different cooking times. Don't worry--it worked out!

Spaghetti, angel hair, and fettuccine!

January 8: These are our decorative pillows on our bed. Lee was smitten with the lime green pillow, so we bought it. I'm not sure if we intended it to be grouped with our current pillows, but it does make me smile when I make the bed.

Soft pillow!

January 9: I usually stop buying Cuties in January because they don't taste as good. This one, surprisingly, was very sweet.

I love Cuties!

January 10: Winter Storm Gandolf rolled in to Utah in the afternoon, but I didn't get off till 5. Let's just say my bus commute home was 3 hours. At least I was warm and safe on the bus!

The Walker Building weather tower was indicating snow. I could have told you that!

January 11: We had our neighbor kids over for an iPad date. They love our iPad--it was their first ever exposure to technology months ago, so they are loyal to the iPad. We also made pizzas together, then played on the iPad.

Yes, they are both smiling for me in this picture.

January 12: Winter Storm Gandolf dropped a lot of snow on Thursday, Friday, and half the day on Saturday. Lee and I were out for 3 hours shoveling and snow blowing at the apartments.

I've nicknamed this snowblower--Zoomeroom.

Have a fantastic week, friends!


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