Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Benefits of a Second Thanksgiving

Some of my friends when first married had some tricky times trying to figure out which family they would spend which holiday with.  We are lucky enough that we always get to spend time with both our families during this time of the year.

You see, since both of my parents are gone, because a couple of sisters work for the airlines and often are working on Thanksgiving, and because another sister doesn't live in the state--well, that means Lee and I can usually spend Thanksgiving or Christmas on the actual day of the holiday with his side of the family.

Pie is served

What my family has done every year is have a second Thanksgiving (or Christmas) celebration, usually a few days before or after the actual holiday. There are benefits to the Second Thanksgiving (or Christmas):

  1. You can do something different for food, beside the traditional turkey, ham, etc. We have done really good steaks in the past--this year, we are doing Hawaiian barbecue!
  2. Because we don't do quite the grand feast, there is less stress involved for everyone.
  3. If you happen to forget something for the Second Thanksgiving, the store is (usually) open!
  4. Sometimes you get your Christmas gifts early!

Hawaiian BBQ

We had our second Thanksgiving yesterday at our place and it was a lot of fun as always. Does anyone else have to do a Second Thanksgiving this weekend?


  1. We moved away from family this year so it was our first little thanksgiving by ourselves , it was different but it was also nice not having to leave the house and rush around :)

    Visiting from Saturday Sharefest

  2. Oh it looks like a lovely dinner! It seems like our first Thanksgiving was just a couple of years ago. I am glad that you were able to have a relaxed day with family.

  3. Love the idea of a second Thanksgiving or Christmas... We do that for Christmas here. My in-law's live next door, so we spend actual Christmas with them and have a second one with my family later.

    Thanks for stopping in for my SITS day this week.


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