Friday, November 23, 2012


On this day (aka Black Friday), I decided not to go shopping like a lot of people out there. In fact, I'll be doing some purging this weekend.

Black Friday 2012...not participating!

Don't get me wrong, I am all about a deal. I love getting discounts and finding the best way to get things for free or nearly free. It's a thrill!

But a couple years ago, I read about this couple who got rid of everything but 100 personal items per person in order to live more simply. They also changed their buying habits from "buying without regard" to a more "calculated consumption."

Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover

Along with this, Lee and I have been following the plan of Dave Ramsey. As he puts it, "If you will live like no one else, later you will live like no one else."

We have been thinking about what we'd like for Christmas, but we decided that we're going to hold off on a couple larger purchases, because we're trying to be debt-free by January 1. It's kind of exciting to think by the end of this year, Lee and I will be out of debt completely, living a little more simply, and likely more happily!

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  1. I didn't shop either. My husband and I have adopted the same thought process and have simplified our lives. We are even staying in the little house he bought before we were married, 24 years ago! Getting rid of "stuff." Stopped by from the SITS sharefest. Enjoying your blog and a new follower.


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