Sunday, November 25, 2012

Share the Love

I have this coworker and friend who has this great blog, Share Dessert and Other Fabulous Things, which I've been following for some time now.

Love her new blog header too!

She is a talented at baking and party planning, but even more is her attitude about everything. She is upbeat and positive and always smiling. She is seriously awesome.

I was even more amazed at her tenacity when I found out her husband has been fighting cancer for a good long while and she may lose him soon. She wrote recently that she wanted to start a section called "Share the Love", a place where she will try to change the world. I love that she's just a girl trying to make a difference.

Long story short (read the entire post here), Sara and her sister-in-law are raising money for Essential Totes for patients at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital, kind of in honor of Sara's husband. You can click here for FAQs and to donate.

Please consider giving to this cause as you are planning your donations and charitable contributions this Christmas season--Lee and I will be!

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  1. Winter, Thank you SO much for your generous donation and for posting this to spread the word. YOU are fabulous! I hope to see you soon! (And I look forward to stalking your blog!) :D


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