Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Must-See Christmas Movies

They started playing Christmas movies way before Thanksgiving this year. I tried to ignore them, but seeing even the commercials got me in the Christmas mood and I wanted to pull out my favorite Christmas movies and start watching.

Here is our list of must-see Christmas movies:

Lee's Christmas Movie List:

1. Die Hard 2:  The story takes place during Christmas Eve and Bruce Willis' character is trying to save his wife from terrorists. Terrorists on Christmas Eve!

Die Harder!

 2. Better Off Dead: This story also takes place around the holidays, but I think Lee would fit this movie into any must-see movie list, seeing that this is his favorite movie of all time. I want my 2 dollars!

Better Off Dead

3. The Christmas Story: A classic, goofy story with a leg lamp!


Winter's Christmas Movie List:

4. White Christmas: Oh the crooners in this movie--Bing, Danny, Rosemary! Watching this is a Chan family tradition.

Love this movie--White Christmas!

5. While You Were Sleeping: The story takes place a Christmas time. It is a rom-com, but you can't help fall in love with the crazy family. I love the scene where they are eating Christmas dinner and someone says "These mashed potatoes are so creamy" a few times. This is quotable stuff in my home.

Super funny!

6. Elf: I had this roommate who loved this movie and we'd all watch it year round. I don't know if you like Will Ferrel or not, but this is one of his best movies in my opinion.


On both our Christmas Movie Lists:

7. Muppet Christmas Carol: There are so many versions of the Christmas Carol out there, but this one is the best, hands down. Michael Caine is so great in this movie!

Our favorite!

What are must-see Christmas movies in your home?


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