Saturday, November 10, 2012

Marriage Tip #23: Watch action flicks with your husband

Lee and I watched the new James Bond movie last night. It was awesome, by the way.

Hello, Daniel Craig and the Aston Martin DB5

While we were waiting in the crowded lobby/eatery area, Lee pointed out that there were a lot of groups of only dudes out to watch Skyfall. I told him he could've gone out with his guy friends to watch this movie, if he wanted to. He turned to me and said he'd only want to go with me.

Then he went on to say that watching action films with your significant other will help your marriage/relationship.

Oh really?

He went on to build his argument:

1. Unlike how we women shouldn't watch chick flicks and rom-coms because they can set up unrealistic expectations for our love lives according to a recent study, we should be watching these action flicks because the hero in these action flicks are always flawed and must figure out how to overcome their weaknesses. Nobody's perfect--action flicks are more representative of real life.

2. When watching action flicks, the girl sees all the bad things in the world and wants to let her man be a man. Plus, she is grateful for someone who is on her side, someone who will watch out for her (#sorryfeminists). Though he's never had to fight a bad guy atop a moving train, you know he'd do it if you were in trouble.

3. When watching action flicks, the guy sees all the bad things out in the world and wants to protect his woman. Plus, guys get a boost of testosterone when they see other tough, but imperfect guys doing manly things.

I loved his argument and I agree with him. We might have to watch A Good Day to Die Hard on Valentine's Day!

What do you think? Do you agree with Lee's marriage tip?


  1. Makes sense to me. Now, If I can convince Tori to go to this show with me. Maybe if I show her this article?

  2. Yes!! We went together last weekend and I feel that I can relate to each of those points!


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