Friday, November 9, 2012

Notebook Organized!

So, you know how there are some women that are into shopping for clothes or shoes? Or they just love  jewelry? Well, I'm not one of those girls.

But if you put me in a stationary or office supply store, I start to swoon.

These are my current notebooks, most empty or only just started

I love blank journals and notebooks, and I will wander into a Barnes and Noble and come out with a blank notebook, instead of a book. I just like the thought of filling it.

The problem is, I don't ever use them to the very end. That largely has to do with the fact that I'm fairly unorganized with them--they become a dumping ground for whatever I need to write down at the moment and I never can find what I'm looking for when I need it.

So when Tracy of Shutterbean wrote about organizing her notebooks on Homefries, I wondered if it would work for me.

I gathered all my supplies and chose one notebook to use.

A beautiful notebook from a food styling class hosted by FoodieCrush and taught by Helene of Tartlette

I also went and got washi or crafting tape for the first time. I must say that I love it! I may need to get more patterns.

Cute, cute patterns!

I made an index of areas that I usually am making notes about, using the washi tape to differentiate.

Easy index

Then, I partitioned out the pages. I am the queen of to-do lists, so I gave that section a few more pages.


With the first page of each new section, I taped and folded over the tape both on the top and bottom of the page.

Before folding over my tape

However, on the side edge, I didn't tape it flush to the paper, so that a small part was hanging over the edge of the paper. I was trying to make a small tab so I could flip to each section a little better.

Overhanging bit of washi

And there you have it!

Cute AND organized notebook!

That was easy! I feel more organized already.


  1. I love this idea! I have the same notebook problem...

  2. I am also a notebook junkie and we are two peas in a pods...
    Love to collect but at times, loathe to use! :-)

    I LOVE your washi tape idea (which I also collect... hmmm, are you sensing a theme?)

    PLEASE share this post at Inspire Me Monday - your idea is FABULOUS!

    I think I need to pin this as well so I can remember to personally implement it!

    Create With Joy

    P.S. Inspire Me Monday (as well as Wordless Wednesday and Friendship Friday) are open all week, with a new party opening each Sunday! :-)


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