Thursday, November 8, 2012

Power Pose!

Lee and I watched this TED talk by Amy Cuddy a couple weeks ago about how body language can change you. She talks about how simply changing your body language, even for a couple minutes, can change your demeanor, your confidence, and your contribution to the world. I would highly recommend watching this--it is so interesting!

So, both Lee and I have been power-posing-it-up the last few weeks.

In fact, I was sitting in a meeting recently with some colleagues who I view as my superiors--I often feel like I don't belong there. I made a point to make my body language "big" even while sitting, and I found myself confident enough to make comments when many times I stay quiet because I'm worried that I'm going to say something dumb.

It's been kind of fun experimenting with body language. You should try striking a pose too and let us know if you think it works or if it's a bunch of malarkey.


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