Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pastry Wednesday: Eclairs from Schmidt's Pastry Cottage

Lately, we've all had a difficult time finding somewhere that is not Tulie Bakery or Gourmandise to buy our pastries. We love Tulie and Gourmandise, but we're trying to expand our horizons!

So when Mr. Blenderhouse found a place a) we'd never heard of and b) brought something we've not yet had at Pastry Wednesday, we were all a little shocked.

He found this shop called Schmidt's Pastry Cottage near his home, though there are a few locations in the valley.

Quaint lettering for a quaint pastry shop

And he brought in these eclairs.

We got 2 each!

So they don't look like anything special. Eclairs are eclairs, right?

But these eclairs were awesome! The custard was a nice, light custard--not overly sweet and not too pudding-y.

This was so good!

The pastry portion itself was a great thickness and had nice airiness. The chocolate frosting on top wasn't anything special, but it was the right amount of sweet to the custard. It was a well balanced eclair and we all enjoyed it during our break.

Having a quick treat before going back to work

Hopefully we'll have as good of luck doing some exploring outside of our usual spots as Mr. Blenderhouse did!

Schmidt's Pastry Cottage
5664 S. Redwood Road
Taylorsville, UT 84118


  1. That looks about perfect with a cup of tea right now...

  2. I think if you tried other pastries at Schmidt's Pastry Cottage you will love them


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