Monday, October 8, 2012

How to Host an Epic Cheese Party: Cheesy Talent Show

This is part of series called How to Host an Epic Cheese Party. We'd love to hear your ideas and tips for throwing a cheese party! See other posts here and here.

Cheesy Talent Show

So I have this good friend. I've mentioned her before--The Hot Scot. Cheese Idol started because of her.

You see, she is an amazingly talented singer/song writer. We first became friends through our church, then we ended up being roommates for a while. We had a great time together!

Because The Hot Scott is extremely musically talented and has ties to other musically talented folks, she suggested one year that we tack on an acoustic jam session to the Cheese Party.


The Hot Scot singing!

It was awesome!

We continued it the next year for our Cheesegagement Party.

JRN giving us a good show

The following year, we decided to expand it even more--Cheese Idol.

We explained to people that it was like American Idol, but with a cheesy twist. We encouraged everyone to join in the fun and share their cheesy talents and legitimate talents alike.

Here are a few tips on how to run your Cheese Idol show:

1. Keep the show to about 1 hour or less, including awards. People have short attention spans.

Waiting for the show to start

2. Ask and commit a few people to present at Cheese Idol ahead of time. This will give you a base program that you can fill in with other people that volunteer during the party.

3. As the host or hostess, plan to present something also. Don't be shy--you can do a cheesy lip sync with bad dancing! Then start telling everyone what you're doing. We got a ton of people to volunteer for Cheese Idol when they found out Lee was doing a dance number with his little sisters to Beyonce's "Single Ladies". People get into it when you're into it.

Lee and his bedazzled velour track suit

4. Get an emcee for between numbers. Lee likes to ham it up in front of an audience. It helps the flow.

Lee, as a Russian emcee

5. Present awards for the top 3 numbers. We usually have the audience vote by clapping and give out old bowling trophies with Baby Bell Cheese taped to them.

The prizes for Cheese Idol

You may be wondering what types of things we've seen during Cheese Idol. We've seen beatnik poetry readings, someone who could eat cheese whilst standing on his head, violin numbers...

...someone playing a toaster, someone who could talk really fast, comedy stand-up bit about bacon...

...legitimate singer/song writers...

...lip syncs, interpretive dance numbers, Irish step dancing...

We've even had one of our doctor friend's take someone's blood pressure as her talent.

Just have fun--it makes the evening more memorable!

Next up, we'll take a look at the 9th Annual Cheese and Italian Soda Party!


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