Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lucky ducky!

It was my birthday last weekend.

I have always liked my birthday--it's a bright spot for me in the middle of the dreary Utah winters.

I wanted to remember how lucky I am, so here's my highlights list:

  • My co-worker and I share a birthday, so I brought s'mores cupcakes to celebrate.  It was like bringing treats in elementary school!

The marshmallows still need to be toasted.

  • The Utah Symphony, Andre Watts, Beethoven and Rachmaninoff! Oh my!
  • Shoveling snow on Saturday at the apartments.  It was beautiful!

  • Lee making an amazing dinner and later sporting fake mustaches with my sisters and The Hot Scot.  Lee took the picture since he already has a mustache.

Yay for fake mustaches!

  • A pizza party at Sicilia Pizza with a lot of my friends and family

  • Having yummy cake and taking pictures of the cake with Instagram on my iPad!

I am so lucky!  I have the best husband, the best family, and the best friends in the world. Seriously!

Leland treats me so well!

Thanks to you all for the birthday wishes and for making my birthday so awesome!

I am one lucky girl.


  1. happy birthday! it looks like a weekend filled with fun!

    1. Heck yeah it was because Anna B could make an appearance, oh and you and John too!

  2. what is your instagram name? I want to follow you!

    1. Liz, it's Reddparty
      I'm following you!

  3. Happy birthday Winter!! I haven't seen you in so long. It makes me sad. But it makes me happy to see you rockin' it. You kids are pretty cool.


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