Saturday, February 25, 2012


We discovered Robyn this weekend.  I saw her music video for Call Your Girlfriend on another blog I follow and I showed it to Lee.

Then I showed him another video of a guy from the SNL writing cast busting out all Robyn's dance moves in a teeny tiny room.

Then I found this other group, Erato, that did their own take on Call Your Girlfriend.

We watched her music video and all the creative variations about a half dozen times a day over my birthday weekend and this week.

I say we're a little obsessed.

Lee says we're just "fans".  According to him, we're not obsessed because we "don't know her birthday and don't have a lock of her hair".

Suuuuure, Lee.

On a side note, Lee has been practicing some dance moves.

For Cheese Idol.

It's going to be awesome.

Just sayin'.

Anyway, if you're bored still, here's another of Robyn's songs. Lee likes her Swedish accent--she says "fwiend" in the first line.  He's been playing that first part over and over again and just giggling.


  1. So I was a big Robyn fan back in high school. Didn't even know she was still around till Lee recommended her to us at dinner! Great videos.

  2. I might have just peed my pants a little.

  3. I think Lee needs to die his chest and back hair white and do this dance for cheese idol! I think he can even throw a lunge in at the end when he wipes his nose. What I'd really like to see is a split screen of her video and Kevin Bacon's angry dance in Footloose. And then we can splice Lee into both videos.


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