Monday, October 15, 2012

The 9th Annual Cheese and Italian Soda Party: Dressed to the Nines

Lee and I decided on this year's cheese party theme way back last year, right after we finished up the 8th annual party. There were quite a few people that wanted to know what Year #9 would bring.

We decided on Dressed to the Nines, since we thought it would be fun to have people come dressed up all fun and fancy.

I love a fun invitation!

We kept the theme loose, because people get creative when you give them some leeway. Here are some of our favorite interpretations of dressing to the nines:

  • This entire family dressed up in their formals. J was especially excited, saying that he never gets to wear his tuxedo anywhere.

That pink tulle dress was so dang cute!

  • M & T sported some pleather pants, a faux fur coat, a wig, a lot of bling--awesome!

Lee was worried they had come to break his thumbs!

  • These ladies paid attention to every detail in their steam punk outfits.

Steam punk all the way!

  • So Smiling D is a super nerd and made a shirt with an equation that equaled P, which if you turned it backward, it would make a 9. Smiling D's wife, was just at her 9th month of pregnancy. Very nice!

  • B said she went all out at the DI and found an outfit that made her look like a Polly Pocket.

Wow--even the headband!

  • My girlfriends decided on classic black and gray--so chic!

Beautiful women!

  • And my favorite was our newly-married friends. She step-dances and he participates in the Highland Games!

And the step-dancing was amazing during Cheese Idol!

This year's Cheese Idol was a little smaller than previous years, but we had some real quality acts. I was rather impressed by the hard shoe step-dancing and The Hot Scot's song Milkman set to Justin Beiber's hit song Boyfriend. It was awesome!

Lee's sisters won the show with their rendition of John Williams is the Man. They had a little help from their 2-D friend, Han.

Seriously, we had a great time this year! Here are more pictures from that lovely evening.


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