Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pastry Wednesday: Flourless Chocolate Cake from Tulie's Bakery

I think Tulie is Adnohr's favorite bakery.

She mentioned to me a few weeks before that she was thinking about bringing in a cake from Tulie for her turn of PW; apparently, it's more cost effective to get an entire cake than several slices.

She mentioned to me the following week that she was thinking about bringing in the Orange Poppy Seed Cake from Tulie. My fingers were crossed.

She mentioned to me the week before that she had changed her mind about bringing in the Orange Poppy Seed Cake.  I was devastated. She and her husband ended up bringing it to a party and loved it naturally. It's understandable--she had already tried it and wanted to try something new for PW.

She brought this beauty instead--Le Bete Noire.

If you know French, you'll know that it means "The Black Beast".

The Black Beast!

Le Bete Noire is a flourless chocolate cake. I was impressed at this beautiful fruit display!

This particular cake from Tulie is dense and rich and chocolate all the way. And I was seriously impressed that they were able to make the cake "light enough" to stack two-layers! I have only seen other bakeries make it in a single layer because of it's weight and density.

Adnohr trying not to make a mess

It was difficult cutting also--the fudge-y goodness got everywhere!

We still got a mess with bits of chocolate fudge everywhere.

The cake is topped by a bittersweet ganache--it was creamy and thick, but once again, not too sweet.  We each had a piece of this decadent cake and most of us were able to eat it pretty easily because it wasn't tooth-achingly sugary.

It was heavenly, in fact.

Look how dense that is!

Colonel Mustard, the chocolate afficianado of PW, was quite pleased he got one of the big pieces and loved the taste and how much chocolate was in this cake. He reiterated that it wasn't too over the top sweet and nicely featured the chocolate.

That is a HUGE piece of cake!

I say that if you are ever having a chocolate craving, this cake is your man.

But calling it The Black Beast...? I wouldn't say that it deserves the name beast.

Maybe we can change it to The Black Beauty!  I vote yes!

Tulie Bakery
863 East 700 South
Salt Lake City, UT

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