Saturday, June 16, 2012

Creative Girls Night Out: Single Serve Pie-in-a-Jar

My friend, Melonade, volunteered to host our next Creative Girls Night Out, but she couldn't quite decide on what she wanted to do.

At first, she wanted to make a collage card like this one. Then she thought about trying this on our hair. But then she finally settled on this super fun and super easy activity: Single Serving Pie-in-a-Jar.

I heart pie!

First of all, get together with your friends and have treats.

Fruit and lemon bars! Delish!

Then you start prepping your fruit. We made an apple pie filling and a raspberry filling. Someone can start working on a pie crust too.

The Smiling P's--mom and daughter!

Someone else can start working on a crumble topping if that's what you want.

You need half pint mason jars--push your pie crust onto the bottom and sides of your jar.

Getting the jars ready

Put in your fillings.

Spoon in your topping

And top off with your crumble or a lattice work--whatever floats your boat!

Then cut out a cute square of fabric, place it over your top and twist your rings on. I love all the fabric choices we had.

Cutify your jars!

According to Our Best Bites, these can be kept in the freezer till they're ready to be baked up and eaten. These would be a fun gift for neighbors or friends.

It was the perfect activity--we were busy doing different things, but it was easy to sit and talk and catch up with each other.

Thanks to Melonade for hosting and to my crafty friends for a great night out!


  1. I love that idea. I have a group of friends I get together with but we do dinner and a movie. I Love the idea of doing something together. Awesome.

    1. It's pretty fun--I feel like I've accomplished something when I bring home a project I did with my girlfriends!

  2. Oh, haha, so cute! THIS is what Tracy was talking about:)

    1. You're right, Gwen! What a coincidence!

  3. Winter,

    Rosie and I enjoy following the REDD PARTY! I'm living proof that Rosie is quite the cook. I told her yesterday about your post about Single Serving Pie in a Jar...and just e-mailed her so she could enjoy this edition of the REDD PARTY as much as I do. She bakes what she calls IMPOSSIBLE PIES: Peach, Strawberry Rubarb and the savory series including a Bacon Egg and Onion Quiche!

    I'm gearing up to teach yet another round of WEB DESIGN AND MARKETING at Highland Continuing Ed this fall. During the first class, we review some of the best blogs of former students....and you can guess where we drop by-- Yours, of course. Few people seem to have as much fun as you do...and I cheer at virtually every enthusiastic edition. Keep up the delicious work!

    Much love to you and Lee the chef (whom I've never met), your friend on the Internet,

    Jon Robert Howe
    Certified Internet Webmaster.

    1. Good to hear from you, Jon! I hope Rosie has fun giving this a try!


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