Friday, March 30, 2012

The World According to Lee: Episode 2

This is part of "The World According to Lee" series.  Read Episode 1 here.

As you may recall, we were recently introduced to Ruby Snap for Pastry Wednesday.

You may have also concluded that we are fans--huge, huge fans of Ruby Snap.

Ruby Snap cookie box

The evening of Pastry Wednesday, Lee and I had to pick up The Ballerina and drop her off at practice, but she had a little bit of time before she needed to be to class.

We may or may not have gone to Ruby Snap during that time...

Okay, okay, you figured us out.  We went to Ruby Snap.

I had a free cookie card (you get one when you purchase four or more cookies!) and we wanted The Ballerina to try Ruby Snap.

We pulled up to Ruby Snap and entered the shop.  Lee was the last one through the door and happened to notice that the handle was really loose and the door wouldn't close unless it was pulled firmly shut.

Ruby Snap's front door

The Ballerina and I looked at the cookies.  Lee opened and closed the door and assessed the situation.

The Ballerina and I talked with the cookie girl about the cookies.  Lee hollered at the cookie girl and said, "I can fix this. I'll be right back."

The Ballerina and I shrugged our shoulders and nibbled our samples.  Lee returned with a Phillips screw driver, which he happens to always have in our car, and proceeded to fix the door.

The Ballerina and I started ordering our cookies.  Lee joined us and proudly proclaimed to us and the cookie girl, "I've fixed the door!"

The Ballerina and I finished ordering our cookies.  Lee dragged the cookie girl over to the door to show her how to fix it in the future if it loosens again.

The Ballerina and I were a little embarrassed that Lee has dragged the cookie girl to check out the door when she didn't seem too interested in how to fix the door, but was clearly grateful Lee had fixed it.  Lee is given all these extra samples from grateful cookie girl.

The Ballerina and I munched on all these extra cookie samples that cookie girl had given us because of Lee's two-minute handy job.  Lee is told by the cookie girl that no one has ever done anything like this before and is also given three free cookie cards!  THREE!

High-five for cookies!

So you see, Lee has a philosophy on life.  He believes that if everyone shares their talents unselfishly, the world would be a better place.  We all have different skills.

Some people don't know how to fix a door. He does.
Some people don't know how to make cookies.  Ruby Snap does.
The world is a better place!

He also believes he is a Help-O-Bot.  (Confused? Watch this:

Lastly, we learned that sometimes if you help people, you get a cookie.  Or three. And some samples. (Yay for cookies!)

Thanks, Ruby Snap!


  1. i'm intrigued - i will need to check this place out

    1. You totally need to go! They give a half a cookie as a sample! Yum-O!

  2. Bah ha ha! I'm literally LOL-ing. :) Go, Lee! and cookies! :D

    1. I can't believe some of the stuff he does!

  3. I was introduced to this place (back when it was my dough girl) when my friend worked here for a couple years. Oh. My. Gosh. It is a daily craving, and now I will carry a screwdriver around just to get free cookies there :) (friend worker isn't there anymore which is sad, because I probably ate 2 cookies worth of samples whenever she was there before making my purchase.


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