Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pastry Wednesday: Ruby Snap Cookies

I was in charge of Pastry Wednesday this time around, and it was causing me some concern.

You see, these people love their pastries.

You see, it's getting harder to find something that none of us have tried.

And you see, we love surprising each other with new and tasty goods. It's now a challenge.

So when my sister-in-law, the Prima Ballerina, suggested I try Ruby Snap, it went on my list of possible places to go since I was SURE no one had been there before.

Actually, I knew I had to go when she said,
"Have you ever tried a Ruby Snap cookie?  They are to DIE for!  They are the BEST cookies I have ever eaten!  Bad news for my waistline.  :)"

Tell us how you really feel about the cookies, Prima Ballerina!

So, Lee and I headed to Ruby Snap the night before to pick up the goods.

Ruby Snap in Salt Lake City

Two things before we get to the actual cookies:
  1. You should stop by sometime, because they give out generous samples--everyone there wants to share the goodness!
  2. I love, love the branding!  It's retro and kitschy and fun.  Just look at the box!  Polka dots!

I love the wink.

Okay, on to the cookies.  The next day, I brought in the box, just so excited to share these delicious treats to people who had never had Ruby Snap before.

When I presented that pretty little box to the PW group, Colonel Mustard reminded me that he has been there before and we had even had a quick conversation about it. In fact, he and his wife go there often and had some of the frozen cookie dough in their fridge for an occasional portion-controlled dessert!

[Sound of my bubble being burst.]

Darn it!  There is no surprising this group.

Oh well.  We still had cookies to taste--onward!

We had purchased seven different cookies to try:

Prior to the tasting

Our first cookie was the Trudy, Ruby Snap's traditional chocolate chip cookie.  (By the way, each cookie has a woman's name.  I can't remember which name belongs to which cookie, but I like the kitsch of it all!)

I didn't get a picture of it (I think we were too busy eating it before I realized I hadn't snapped a pic), but let me tell you that the cookie was thick, chewy, and soft with a nice crust on the outside.  This has got to be one of the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had!

The next cookie we had was the Penelope, the chocolate-dipped peanut butter cookie.

Ruby Snap's Penelope

The Penelope was soft and rich with a good amount of peanut butter flavor. There are a couple members of PW who are not big fans of peanut butter cookies, but they both said they loved this one.

We then moved on to the Suzie, cherries and chocolate chips in a vanilla cookie dough drizzled with chocolate and sprinkled with pink bling!

Ruby Snap's Suzie

It was so pretty and girly-looking.  The dough was delicious, but I am not the biggest fan of maraschino cherries, so it wasn't my favorite cookie.  I wonder if they've done it with other cherries before.  Something to consider, dear Ruby Snap!

We tried the Maris next, a chocolate chocolate chip cookie with a caramel center.

Ruby Snap's Maris

When I think of the name Maris, I'm reminded of Niles Crane's high maintenance wife on the TV show Frasier.  This is a decadent, high maintenance type of cookie.  Rich, simply rich!

Adnohr requested that we move on to the Lilly, a lemon cookie with crushed up lemonheads and covered with a lemon icing.

Ruby Snap's Lilly

I was skeptical that I'd pucker up if I bit into a lemonhead, but oh, the Lilly was so light and lovely and not overly tart. You can sort of see in the picture that the lemonheads had started to melt and became gooey--it was a nice touch.

We continued on with more chocolate--the Frida.

Ruby Snap's Frida

This was not your typical chocolate cookie though.  It is a chocolate mole cookie, wilder and earthier. It also had a chocolate ganache center with some heat.  It wasn't too hot; just a nice warmth in your mouth after you had finished your bite.  I loved it--it was my second favorite cookie.

We ate my favorite cookie last. I didn't know it would be my favorite. In fact, I was rather skeptical about the Vivianna, a dark chocolate mango cookie. I was worried because of the mango part of the cookie.  It might be too fruity or fake-tasting or just wrong in a cookie--there are so many ways it could go wrong.

Ruby Snap's Vivianna

But no!  It was divine. As I took my first bite, I was immediately and happily reminded of orange sticks--yeah, the ones you get at Christmas time. The mango was soft and chewy and reminiscent of something citrus.  Just add the dark chocolate chunks and there you have it--my favorite cookie!

I am seriously impressed by all the original, brilliant recipes that owner Tami Cromar dreamed up. We all agreed that we would be visiting the Ruby Snap again...very soon.  Seriously, these cookies are amazing!

Ruby Snap
770 South 300 West
Salt Lake City, UT

In The Store in Midway
42 West Main Street
Midway, UT 


  1. Vivianna is my favorite too! SOOOOOO delicious! Is this not the most brilliant cookie bakery ever? I'm happy you got to enjoy some Ruby Snap :)

    1. I am in love with the Vivianna! I'm so glad it's your fave too!

    2. I looovvveee the Audrey and Judy. Audrey has been a long time favorite, and the frozen dough is fantastic for that one!


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