Monday, January 2, 2012

The World According to Lee: Episode 1

We drive by this tudor house every day on our way to work and school.

(I snapped this picture on the way home one day using Lee's camera phone.)

The photo quality isn't awesome since I took it at night, but I'd like to point out a couple things about it before we get to my story.

First, you may notice that there is a large photo canvas hanging on the front of the house to the right of the front entryway, and the photo is lit up at night.  You may have concluded from this photo that this may not be someone's place of residence, but rather a business.

Okay, now to my story. 

One day as we passed by, Lee turned to me and pointed to the large canvas picture, which happened to be a picture of a rather cute Asian-looking baby.
Lee: "Hey, if we can't have our own kids, we should adopt that baby." (Note: We weren't having a family planning conversation or anything--I think this came out of the blue when we were driving by this place.)
Winter: "Huh?"
Lee: "Yeah, we should adopt that baby."
Winter: "What are you talking about?"
Lee: "Isn't that the kid of the week?"
Winter: "Kid of the week?!?"
Lee: "Yeah, isn't that the Adoption of the Week picture?"
Winter: "Adoption of the Week?!?"
Lee: "Isn't that an orphanage?"
Winter: "An orphanage?!?  You think that Busath Photography is an orphanage?!?"
Lee: "It's not?!? I thought it was a super fancy orphanage where they display a big picture of the kid of the week to adopt or something." 
Winter: [Laughing her head off.]

I'd like to point out a few things that make this story particularly funny:

  1. Yes, this lovely tudor-style home is the studio for Busath Photography, not a super fancy orphanage. To Lee's defense, he is usually the one driving so he's focusing on driving, not looking around at our surroundings. 
  2. Despite the fact that Lee can't totally focus on our surroundings as we're driving, I do think it humorous that he came to that particular conclusion from that fancy picture.
  3. Apparently, Lee thinks that kid adoptions are like pet adoptions, where pictures are used to advertise the "special of the week."
Have you ever had something like this happen, where you mistake one thing for something completely different?

I wanna hear your funny stories--please share in the comments section!


  1. Hahahahahha. I closed the page and still couldn't stop laughing so I just had to come back and let you know that was awesome.

  2. I used to work across the street from there. We could see the "kid of the week" from our window. Sometimes it's creepy to have baby eyes staring at you while you work.

  3. Wait they don't have super huge kid of the week photos at the super fancy orphanage... World shattered.


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