Saturday, February 4, 2012

Top Gear Poll Results and Contest Winner

Thanks to everyone for commenting on our Top Gear dispute--I discovered that there are very passionate Top Gear folks out there!

As you remember in the Top Gear post, Lee was up 15-0.  (It was 16-0 originally, but we got a clarification on one of the text messages.)  And after all the comments we received, this was the final tally:

Dudes who have heard of Top Gear = 46
Dudes who have not hear of Top Gear = 14
Ladies who have heard of Top Gear = 21
Ladies who have not hear of Top Gear = 11

I couldn't believe how many of you knew about Top Gear.  It seems like the ones who didn't know about Top Gear don't own a TV at all!

Anyway, I want to revisit Lee's original challenge.  He specifically said, "Ask any man and he's heard of Top Gear."

Since 14 dudes hadn't heard of Top Gear, I think I win.  That's not "any" man!

But one of our readers commented the following:
"There is a Catch-22 with Lee's argument, if the guy has heard of Top Gear he is a man. If the guy hasn't heard of Top Gear he isn't a real man.... Therefor, you can say that all men know what Top Gear is.

I have heard of it, and I am a man.... I am."

Bummer...according to this, 14 of those guys who hadn't heard of Top Gear aren't real men. Guys, Lee isn't challenging your manhood.  Well, at least I don't think think he is...

I think we should have defined the terms of the settling our disputes a little better.

Oh well!

We need to find a winner, so without further ado, from

Comment #31 wins!
So I have certainly never heard of it. At first glance I thought "Top Gun? Nope..Gear. " idea. So I asked Jared who is in the other room at the moment
"Hey Jared, do you know what Top Gear is?"
"Do you know what TOP GEAR (spoken very clearly) is?"
"In what context?"
"As in a TV show?"
So there you have it...neither of us (who are lame and don't watch much TV, but still...) have heard of it. 2 points for Winter.
(this is Amber & Jared)

Thanks to everyone for putting in your two bits!  Amber and Jared, contact me and we'll get you your very English prize package! 


  1. It's too bad I didn't get you the rest of my results in time but I found 3 more ladies and 3 more gents who have never heard of it. I daresay I could find more on my side that haven't but la di da. I will dispute the real men comment by saying do real men sit around watching other men drive cars on tv? No- they go out and get a real life. Turn off your tv and go drive your own car!!!! Lol- I am just teasing of course. Posting from my iPod so I may have to post as anon- this is Amy, btw.

  2. Suh-weet! I just checked your blog for fun times and realized we WON! WOOT WOOT! I can't tell you how honored I am to receive this random Very English prize package. I'd like to thank Jared for not knowing what Top Gear is, as well as my mom and dad for not watching TV either. And I'd like to also thank Winter and Lee for having these "discussions" so some of us have a chance to win cool and random prizes. You are the best!
    Also, I'd like to thank Jared for being willing to watch Pride and Prejudice with me (even though he hasn't verbally agreed to it YET, I'd like to thank him in advance for when he DOES agree to it.) :)
    (posted by Amber...the lucky winner who still can't figure out how to post comments as anything but anonymous) :)


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