Thursday, February 9, 2012

Random Stuff We Find: Muggle Quidditch

We discovered something magical on Saturday.

(By the way, the story of our discovery is long and round-about, so hang in there with us!)

On our way home from picking up our Bountiful Basket (more here and here), we decided to stop for a bagel at Einstein's Bagels.  We noticed a sign on the neighboring building advertising V Chocolates, which we love.  We assumed that the coffee shop, Two-Creek Coffee House, was selling them, so we went in because the chocolate and toffees are that good.

We found out that the V Chocolates were being sold at the interior design shop that the coffee shop is attached to, Liv Showroom (very cool design and also very expensive), so we decide to get a hot chocolate instead.

Anyway, we started talking with the barista at Two-Creek about the hot cocoa and herbal teas (since we don't do coffee) and about the V Chocolates and what was planned for the new space they were in. We're talkers--we'll talk to anyone and people seem to want to talk to us.

(By the way, I am craving the rose tea with a shot of vanilla and steamed milk he made for us on Saturday.  You gotta try it, just sayin'.)

Anyway, as we talked the barista mentioned that a group of guys from Denver were just in there getting coffee before their quidditch match.

Quidditch match??? 

He goes on to tell us that these guys actually play a down-to-earth version of quidditch and they're called the Denver Dementors and they happen to be in town for a quidditch tournament in Utah.

The Denver Dementors' logo

A quidditch tournament in Utah???

So, we got online.  According to the International Quidditch Association, back in 2005 some kids from Middlebury College adapted the Harry Potter version for us muggles.  Now, you need to watch this video in order to fully understand what the heck I'm talking about.

It's like dodgeball, football, rugby, tag, and track--all in one! 

Even better was that the Annual Snow Cup Tournament was being held in our neck of the woods that very day!  What luck!  We, of course, were totally looking for something random to do that day.

Official quidditch wear

After doing work at the apartments we manage (we gotta be responsible), we headed to the Snow Cup in Centerville, Utah with Lee's sister (we'll call her The Brain) and her friend (we'll call her The Comet). They were game for something random too!

We arrived at the park and noticed a table with some quidditch information and trading cards you could buy to trade with others.

We saw a lot of team spirit...

This was where the Denver Dementors Azkaban!

Team Northern Arizon University Narwhals!

We saw a lot of team managers strategizing...

Team Crimson Flyers and Team DNC are discussing the game with the ref

Check out that get-up! Suit coat and blue skinny pants!

We saw teams grouping before the game started and others poised to play...

Ready to play...with makeshift brooms between their legs

Team Utah Crimson Flyers grouping before a game

And of course, we saw some real muggle quidditch play! 

Crimson Flyers vs. Narwhals - intense!

So much going on!

The golden snitch being chased by a seeker--they could go anywhere!

The Brain and The Comet cheered for their Cougar Quidditch Team. Of course, Lee and I cheered on the Utah Crimson Flyers--they ended up winning the entire thing!   We had a lot of fun being first-time quidditch spectators. 

All you Harry Potter enthusiasts, I think you just found your new sport!

Always up to no good, all you quidditch players!


  1. Winter, I was just sitting down to the computer to look up ideas for Henry's 8th birthday party when I saw your post. He wants a Harry Potter party, and he wants to play quidditch with his friends. Your post was perfect timing. Thanks!

    1. Rachel! It gets pretty rough out there, but they'll have fun! There was tackling involved at times--I couldn't believe it!

  2. :) my sister-in-law was there with her husband, supporting an old co-worker, and they totally snapped a sneak-picture of you two! He remembered seeing your thank-you card on our fridge, but, having never actually met you, was shy to introduce himself. You are memorable to people who've never even met you! And, AWESOME!

    1. No way! That is crazy! They should have totally come talk to us...we talk to everyone! Now I wanna see the sneaky pic they took of us. That is awesome!

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  4. I knew there was such a sport, because I am a nerd and listen to Mugglecast podcast. I didn't know there was a tournament here in UT. Man, I would have loved to go to that. Maybe next time.

  5. OK, totally random thought. Which team is the snitch on? Or do they use a random snitch player from a different team? I just wondered because there would be some question as to team loyalty.

    1. I think the snitch is independent of the teams playing...I think the guys they chose must have been from another team who happens to like to run a lot!


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