Monday, May 24, 2010

"Eat Your Cake and Have It Too" Contest

My mother-in-law (Mom K) is awesome--she's always being creative and learning something new, and because she's this way, Lee and I gifted a cake-decorating class for her birthday/Christmas.

I decided to sign up with her because I've wanted to try my hand at it for a while.  And Lee signed up too...mostly because I asked him. He claims it's because he "like[s] to do stuff with [his] wife." He's so diplomatic, isn't he?

For the last 3 weeks, we've gone to our class at Michael's, armed with frosted cakes or cupcakes, a ton of buttercream frosting (it really is a TON!) in an assortment of colors, frosting tips and bags, spatulas, towels, and an apron.

Mom K and I decorate our cakes using the techniques we've learned in class...

On the other hand, Lee's decorations are themed...

Isn't that the prettiest hammer-and-sickle cake you've ever seen??  And can anyone guess what the picture is on the cupcake located middle row, second from the right?

Needless to say, we're having an enjoyable and amusing time in this class!

Note: For all the guys out there who are worried about Lee taking a cake-decorating class, I've agreed to take a "manly" class with him soon, like auto body repair, advanced camouflage painting, or concealed weapons permit class.  Don't worry--why would you be worried about someone who decorates his cakes with hammers, sickles, and silhouettes of Lenin?!?

Now for The "Eat Your Cake and Have It Too" CONTEST:

The winner of the contest will win...

...a cake decorated by yours truly!  (We can't be having that much cake sitting around in our house!)

How to win: 
Lee and I both like the band "Cake" (who are coming this summer!).  Answer the following questions:

1) What is Lee's favorite "Cake" song? ________________________
2) What is Winter's favorite "Cake" song? ______________________
3) What is Lars' favorite "Cake" song? _________________________

Please post your answers as a comment in the blog.  Whoever gets the most correct*, will win the tasty cake! Your entry must be submitted by midnight on Thursday, May 28 11:59 PM on Thursday, May 27!

*In the event of a tie, we'll make cupcakes!*


  1. 1) Long Line of Cars
    2) No Phone
    3) Thrills

    I want that cake!!!

  2. 1. Sheep Go To Heaven
    2. I Will Survive
    3. Short Skirt, Long Jacket

  3. I must say this is a very difficult decision. There are so many amazing songs by Cake! My guesses are:

    1.Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
    2.Stickshifts and Safetybelts
    3.Walk on By

    Please let me win the cake. Jared will love me for pretty much forever. Which, he has to anyway, but it'll be more justified with a winning cake!

  4. FYI: the next Thursday, May 28 is in 2015. I don't really want to wait that long for my cake. I'm hoping you meant Thursday, May 27?

  5. Oops! Thanks for the catch Giggling Gardners! I've made the change!

  6. After listening to dozens of Cake songs, I've come to the scientific conclusion that...I'll have to guess*...EXCEPT in the case of Lars, and here's why.

    In this music video for "Love You Madly", there's a cooking competition which seems to be using the main ingredient of pumpkin. (I suggest pausing it to let it load for awhile first.)

    This second video, which is the first suggest link after watching the gnome video, also contains pumpkins.

    As such, I believe "Love You Madly" reminds Lars of pumpkins...which I can only assume are a suitable fare for gnomes, thus making it his favorite Cake song.


    *Guess for Lee: Friend is a Four Letter Word
    *Guess for Winter: Where Would I Be?

  7. Lee - Arco Arena
    Winter - going the Distance
    Lars - Rock and roll lifestyle

  8. Lee - Arco Arena
    Winter - Going the distance
    Lars - Rock and roll lifestyle

  9. Lee- Italian leather sofa (a Redd sofa perhaps)
    Winter- Never there
    Lars-Tougher than it is (you two are making his life harder than it should be)

  10. Lee- short skirt long jacket
    Winter- frank sinatra
    Lars- mr. mastodons farm (incidentally my personal fave)

  11. Lee-short skirt long jacket
    Winter-Frank Sinatra
    Lars-mr. mastondon's farm (my personal fave)

  12. It's got to be either Vladimir Lenin or Lee. Ha ha!


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