Saturday, May 29, 2010

Eat your Cake cake, winner!

We had some mighty fine guesses for our "Eat your cake and have it too" Contest.  We're impressed with your reasoning for choosing some of the songs that you did--pumpkins, sofas, etc!  Well, here are the correct answers for our Contest:

  • Lee's favorite song is Comfort Eagle--I don't think he's trying to build his own religion, but he does like to call people "dude".
  • Winter's favorite song is Going the Distance.  I've always been partial to this song ever since my nephew starred in a family video with this as background music.
  • Lars' favorite song is Shadow Stabbing.  The song talks about being a writer--which somewhat explains the little pieces of paper with poetry stuck in our door every morning the last couple of weeks.  Who knew that he had a hobby besides smoking his pipe!
Our winner is our friend "Esteban" who guessed the most correct (which was incidentally only 1 out of 3):
  • Lee - Arco Arena (incorrect)
  • Winter - Going the Distance (correct!)
  • Lars - Rock and Roll Lifestyle (incorrect)
 Esteban wins a Cake cake decorated by Lee!

We would collectively like to congratulate Esteban for his good guess and we hope he enjoys his cake!  Look out for our contest next month!

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  1. Oh, I love you guys. Truly. With all of my heart.


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