Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Little Infestation

Last week, we noticed a problem.  Lee and I were planting some flowers in our garden, and Lee saw something red and pointy sticking up out of the ground.  We uncovered it--much to our dismay, we found out we have an infestation of gnomes!!!

Okay, okay, it's only one gnome right now.  We had heard about this particular problem through a USU Extension horticulture class video.

Gnome Management in the Garden from USU Extension on Vimeo.

So, we've just been observing him right now.

He seems to have found a spot he likes--right next to the rock.

And yesterday, I went outside and got a really good picture of the gnome--

He's starting to grow on us.  Lee named him Lars today.  He actually hasn't given us any problems.  We're not particularly fond of HIS fondness for his pipe, but we really can't do much about that.  We don't want to encourage any other gnome problems!


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