Sunday, March 9, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 10

What a crammed, crazy, and cool week it's been.

Sunday, March 2: Our friend introduced us to a GPS-based game called Ingress on Sunday, where you capture "portals" that are tagged at actual locations. There was a "portal" located at this monument near our church, so we drove by and "hacked" it to collect stuff. We were so naive when we started...

Ingress shows us around the town

Monday, March 3: Lee and I decided to go out and capture some more Ingress "portals" in downtown Salt Lake City, hoping to level up. We ended up at the Capitol Building and we had SO much fun! Plus, we found all these monuments we'd never seen before. We were officially addicted.

There are a ton of Ingress portals at the Capitol Building

Tuesday, March 4: Lee picked me up after class and we headed to a relatively new restaurant for dinner, Spitz SLC. They serve some pretty awesome doner kebabs and sweet potato fries. This was also the place we decided that maybe we should uninstall Ingress because we were addicted. So we have uninstalled the game. For now anyway. More to come...

Spitz SLC--love the funky decor

Wednesday, March 5: I was waiting for the bus and spied this bit of gorilla art and typography plastered to a pillar. Strive on with diligence, people!

Strive on with diligence

Thursday, March 6: When I first moved up to Salt Lake, I lived a block and a half from this church and attended this church too for several years. I was sad to see it was being torn down, but they are building an American Cancer Society Hope Lodge in its place, where traveling cancer patients can stay when getting treatment. There's a time and season for everything.

Only the door remains to the old church on 1st South and 4th East

Friday, March 7: There must be destruction in the air, because another building was being torn down in downtown Salt Lake. It looked like a perfectly good building to me!

Another building going down

Saturday, March 8: Warning: the following picture is not for the faint of heart.

After work, Lee was thinking ahead for Sunday and got ready to shave. Of course, he came in with his shorts hiked up to his armpits and posed like an old timey boxer to get a laugh. Yes, I laughed. A whole lot! He is such a crack up!

My old timey boxer husband of mine

Well, we sure hope you have a calm upcoming week!


  1. Go Redds! Join the Resistance!

  2. huh, not entirely sure what Ingress Portals are (guess I'm just too old), but you guys are just so cute! Love the pics...


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