Monday, January 20, 2014

We're finally adults

Over the MLK weekend, we went up to the Park City area with Lee's family for a weekend ski trip.

(Well, we didn't quite get up there for the skiing part, because of work...oh well!)

When we did finally get up there, I was grateful for the time with Lee, the clear blue skies, and the chance to hang out with our family.

Timberlakes, Utah area cabins - The Redd Party
You can see the sky!

As always, there was a lot of game playing, food eating, and chit-chatting. We played with the nieces and nephews and also found time to read, loaf, and nap.

It was a much needed weekend.

Apples to Apples game - The Redd Party
This is one huge game of Apples to Apples

On our way down back home, Lee and I mentioned how much fun we had and how nice it is now that we're all adults.

Making a judgment in Apples to Apples - The Redd Party
Time to judge in Apples to Apples

Six years ago when we started dating, I watched Lee be kind of an obnoxious brother who would sit on his sisters for tickle-torture purposes and tease them about the boys they liked.

Look alike siblings - The Redd Party
Don't they look alike?

In the last few years though, I've watched Lee create a strong bond with his sisters. He takes them out to lunch to chat, not only about the boys they like, but everything else happening in their lives. I think his sisters would agree that he's still an obnoxious older brother, but they're also friends.

Short Asian with 2 tall white people - The Redd Party
Dang, I feel short! At least we're all wearing plaid.

I've been blessed to have something similar happen to me and my siblings. When I was in college, my older sisters were busy with their lives and my younger brother and sister would hardly have anything to do with me. They were SO cool. And I was so NOT cool.

The crazy Chan Clan - The Redd Party
Some of my siblings and nephew at the Utah State Fair last year

But as we've gotten older, we love spending time with each other. It almost feels like when we hang out now, it's because we know that there are people out there that understand your wackiness because they're as wacky as you are.

Lee is so cute! The Redd Party
Yup yup yup!

I know that it's not like this for everyone, so we count ourselves lucky that our family relationships are like cheese--they get better (and funkier) with time!

Have you noticed a difference in your relationship between you and your siblings as you've gotten older?


  1. Yeah like the fact that I even have a relationship with my siblings now. Man growing up we did not get along at all. Now I would consider them my closest friends.

  2. I only have one brother ad he is 5 years older than me. rowing up he was my babysitter and sure he played with me but we had nothing in common. Now as adults we can just talk and in a lot of ways I almost feel older than him having gotten married and having a family before him. It always makes me smile when he asks my opinion --especially about is girlfriend!!

  3. Wait, I'm as wacky as you are? Wait, Lee is an adult? :)

    J/K. It is lots of fun hanging out with you guys. It is happy to have people understand completely where you're coming from.

    And, we're still not so cool to our younger sibs but that's okay. At least you have Lee to make you cool. :) And I've got all the nephews to sweeten the deal.


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