Sunday, January 5, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 1

I loved taking a photo every day last year during my Project Life 365 challenge.

Apparently when you take a photo everyday, everyone thinks that you live such an interesting life! It was a great exercise in noticing the beauty and fun in the ordinary and everyday.

However, I found myself taking the easy way out most times, simply snapping a quick photo on my cell phone. Now that I have a fancy new camera, I want to become a better photographer. And as I learned in my Landscape Photography class last semester, I also want to become a better storyteller with my photos.

One of my goals this year is to continue to take pictures of our life, but to have at least one photo each week where I try a new photography technique or try my hand at photographic storytelling.

I gotta get better somehow!

So here we go: This week was a revealing, raucous, and radiant week!

Wednesday, January 1: We went to a masquerade party in Midway and the only masks we had were from when we were Fantastic Mr. and Mrs. Fox for Halloween. Do you know how many people came up to us and started singing "What does the fox say?"? A bazillion people. Thanks a lot, Ylvis, for ruining a wonderful book!

The Redd Party
Looking foxy

Thursday, January 2: Lee made us this lovely dinner on his day off. However, when I wanted to take a picture of him and our meal, he was such a punk and wouldn't take a serious picture. He was the one who insisted this be our picture of the day. What a weird-o!

The Redd Party
Delicious dinner -- weird husband!

Friday, January 3: We taught Lee's sister and some of her friends how to make some Chinese food, including learning how to fold potstickers. They were so intent on folding it right in the beginning, but then they started to have fun and got creative.

The Redd Party
Potsticker folding party

Saturday, January 4: I'm participating in the January Cure through Apartment Therapy and my chores for this weekend involved buying some flowers. So I bought these beautiful pale pink hydrangeas. Then, I did some fiddling with the aperture setting on my camera, I focused on my subject (the pink flowers) and made everything else blurry, including Lee and his hammer in the background. What a goof!

The Redd Party
Small aperture setting = blurry Lee

We all hope you have a refreshing upcoming week, friends!


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