Friday, August 16, 2013

What's Making Us Happy This Week

This week has been so filled with so much stuff, plus trying to get ready for Iceland next week--boy, am I glad it's Friday.

One of the things that Lee did this week was help out at a good ol' neighborhood roof raising! A friend of ours needed a hand with re-doing a his roof, so Lee volunteered to help for a few hours. I think it's rad when neighbors get outside and actually are neighborly. It was quite a sight to see!

Working into the evening

Anyway, this is what's making us happy this week:

What's making Lee happy:

  • Did you know Japan has the second highest rate of adoption? We heard it on one of our favorite podcast.
  • The Chicago River flows backwards--whoa.
  • This YouTube video was on our radar because of this and this, but we couldn't help but watch it some more this week.
  • This is crazy and beautiful and looks like art, not paint.
  • Similarly, hilarious and fascinating at the same time to see water in slow motion.

What's making Winter happy:
  • Minute 3:36 is my fave. Thanks, Thing One and the Prima Ballerina for sharing.
  • New Korean tacos by Aloha Grindz, but at the bowling alley next door!
  • This makes my inner grammar nerd excited.
  • I made these again for a canning activity this week--I had forgotten how good they are and how easy they are to make. I even made my own off-shoot recipe because of how easy they are.
  • All Songs Considered has introduced me to so many new artists and I'm currently loving Lily and Madeleine and Kishi Bashi's new song.

Man, we hope you have a restful weekend!


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