Sunday, July 21, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 28

It's been a playful, pleasant, and priceless week!

July 14: Lee was still pretty tight from his 8-mile run on Friday, so I was helping him stretch out. Let's just say he is not very flexible and let's just say there was a lot of moaning, groaning, and wincing!

Those are Lee's hairy legs, not mine!

July 15: The clouds were amazing while I was waiting for the bus to go home. They're so fluffy!

Big fan of these clouds!

July 16: Lee and I play this game--one of many--kind of like Slug Bug. Instead of whenever we see a VW bug and slugging each other, whenever we see a garbage truck, we billy-goat each other. Billy-goating is like pouncing each other and saying baah baah baah!. I had to take a picture and send it to Lee since we didn't drive together that day.

Billy goat!

July 17: Lee packs my lunch almost every day. I'm not sure what he was thinking, but he packed me a popsicle. It was basically a slushie on a stick by the time I got to I just ate 8:00 am. Don't judge me.

I love these Bryer's fruit popsicles!

July 18: My friends--we'll call them The Dancer and Mrs. Soccer--came over for a BBQ with their families. The Dancer and I were church mission companions and ended up living next door after our missions. Mrs. Soccer and I have been friends forever, and she and The Dancer ended up being roommates for a while. I have been so lucky to have amazing friends over the years.

Some of my best friends from college days!

July 19: We joined the Vivace group at the Deer Valley Music Festival to see Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers. They were simply amazing and Steve Martin was hilarious, I know he's a comedian, but for some reason, I thought he would be prim and proper so that he would want be taken seriously for his musical talent. I'm glad I was wrong. He was HI-larious!

Edie Brickell also joined Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers--amazing!

July 20: We went with our good friends, Mr. and Mrs. Soccer, to the Real Salt Lake soccer game against Fighting KC and it was a beautiful night, despite the terrible outcome! Man, the ref was awful, but look at that moon!

Love our Real Salt Lake!

I hope you have a patriotic upcoming week!


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