Monday, May 6, 2013

Games We Play: Where's Domo? + Contest

We recently started playing a new game called Where's Domo? (Remember, we play games to amuse ourselves as we've described in the past (herehere and here)).

It all started when one of my favorite T-shirts (The Wizard of Saws) went missing. Lee and I got matching ones a few years back on one of our favorite cheap deals websites, Whiskey Militia. Lee loves chainsaws, so I bought us a couple of these shirts with Dorothy donning a hockey mask and a chainsaw.

We know--these are weird T-shirts.

But one day, I couldn't find my shirt. Poof! Gone! I was pretty sad. We ended up saying it was the domovoy's fault. In a Russia, a domovoy is a house spirit, who will protect your home, but also can be very mischievous. It's pretty easy to blame the domovoy for things that happen around the house, like a missing sock or misplaced keys.

We talked about calling our domovoy by the name of Domo (makes sense, right?), since we're pretty big fans of Domo and he's a little hairy monster like a domovoy should be. We also talked about actually getting a stuffed Domo that we could have sitting around in our home...

Then one day, guess who appeared in a package at our front door?

Lee cuddles our new arrival--Domo!

Yup, Domo! Isn't he so cute!

Now that we have an actual stuffed Domo in our home, we play a game inspired by my friend, Mrs. Untamed.  Her family owns a good-sized metal pig that would show up in random places--in someone's bed, in a closet, in a sink, in the middle of the hallway.

Although the pig has since been banished to the kitchen counter because Mrs. Untamed's dad stubbed (broke?) his toe when he stumbled upon it as he exited his bedroom into the hallway, I love the idea of finding something random in an unexpected place.

Here are the Where's Domo rules:
  1. One of us hides Domo in a place where the other person could feasibly find him throughout the course of the week. 
  2. The other person goes about their business and if they happen to find Domo, hooray! Surprise!
  3. If he isn't found for more than a week, then hints can be given to Domo's whereabouts. Domo gets lonely.
We are keeping a log of all the places Domo has frequented since he's been with us. That monster gets around!

It's pretty funny/surprising/delightful when you open up a cupboard or drawer and see his beady black eyes staring back at you. We love it!

Since we love playing games, here's a Domo quiz for you. Those who get all the answers correct will be entered into the drawing for $25.00 gift card to The Olive Garden.

  1. Last day to enter is Friday, May 10 at 11:59 pm. 
  2. Please enter by commenting in the blog comments (not on Facebook).
  3. Please don't say your name is "Anonymous" or I can't enter you in the drawing! Enter your name as Full First Name and Last Name Initial (e.g. Winter R.)
  4. Entries won't show up in the comments section till after the contest closes, to prevent cheating off of each other.
  5. One entry per person only please!

  1. What TV station introduced us to Domo and in what year?
  2. What country is Domo from?
  3. How was Domo born?
  4. What food does Domo hate the most and why?
  5. What food does Domo like to eat the most?
  6. What does Domo do when he is nervous or upset?
  7. Who is Domo's best friend?
  8. True or False: Domo sweats a lot.
  9. Name one company in the US that has used Domo in their advertising campaign.
  10. True of False: Domo is the awesomest monster out there.
Bonus Question: Which Japanese athlete has Domo tattooed on their back to bring him/her good fortune?

Good luck! And after you've entered, you should watch this:


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