Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Domo Kun

If you recall the morning when the men were being manly, a few of us woman folk watched our husbands and chatted.  With me were (we'll call them) Gonxha and Mara.  Mara mentioned that she was taking the beginning Wilton cake decorating class at our local Michael's. 

Mara nudged me to take the class with her--I needed little encouragement.  Since taking the beginning class with Lee and Mom K, Wilton has re-done their curriculum and I've been wanting to re-take the class.

So now Mara and I were encouraging Gonxha to take the class and because she was convinced that she would miss out on all the fun, she signed up that day.

It was definitely fun and I would highly recommend taking this class with a friend--it's much more fun chatting and decorating.

Anyway, here's our teacher, Rhea.

When I first met Rhea, she struck me as an old and ornery woman. But over the past 4 weeks I've learned that Rhea knows just about everything about cake decorating and she taught us all her handy short cuts and tricks.  And I think she was only cranky that first week because the class had too many people signed up.

Anyway, yesterday was our last class and we got to choose our final project.  Here we are with our mostly blank cakes.

That ambitious Mara had made 300 flowers over the weekend and dried them so she could place them on her cake.  Gorgeous!

I secretly hate people that are that ambitious.  Okay, I don't hate Mara--just so jealous!

On Sunday night, I was kind of moping around, being indecisive on what to do for my final project. I was going between a cake with large rosettes over the entire thing or an attempt at Starry Night.

Finally, I made Lee decide on the design so he could take the cake to work.  He chose this:

This is Domo Kun.  He's actually the official mascot for the Japan Broadcasting Corporation.  According to Wikipedia, he's a "strange creature that hatched from an egg."  He just looks like a little monster to me.

Domo-kun 10" Plush Doll
Sure...why not!

I came with my design...and then noticed that everyone else had all these beautiful flowery designs like my two friends...and I was making a monster.

I told them it was Lee's idea and they gave me that "Oh,-that-makes-sense,-your-husband-is-a-little-out-there" sympathetic look.

Anyway, here's all of us at the end of our class.  Look at Mara's colorful birthday cake and Gonxha's festive 4th of July cake--they are so talented!  You can tell I'm a slow worker because Domo didn't really look like much.

When I came home, I made Lee stay in the other room until I finished.

What do you think?  I kind of like the Rising Sun of Japan as Domo's backdrop.

I finally let Lee see his cake.

He said it was "by far, the best Domo cake" he's ever had.

I'm so proud!

It might even be decent enough to NOT get nominated on Cake Wrecks!


  1. Winter, it looks really beautiful! It may be different from the flower cakes, but I think it's gorgeous in its own right!

  2. Ok I am ordering one for emma's birthday. - isaac

  3. What a "creative" couple you are. Winter - you rock! Love ya - Mom K.

  4. I like it. It looks pretty yummy too.


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