Thursday, October 21, 2010

Games We Play: Game #2 - Spot the Bumpit!


In honor of Halloween next week and all those of you who are planning to dress up as Snooki, we'd like to introduce you to our next post in the series Games We Play--Spot the Bumpit (TM). 

You heard us right--that's bumpit (TM).
(Pronunciation Guide: It's pronounced more like BUMP IT, rather than BUM PIT. Hmm...bum pit. I had no idea that bums had pits!)
You may ask yourself, "Self, what is a bumpit (TM)?"  Well, I'll tell you--it's a way to get big happie hair

It's these plastic hair comb accessory insert thingees that help give your hair the appearance of more volume.  You can go to the Bumpit (TM) website to watch their information video and see a demonstration of how to insert a bumpit into your hair.
Our rules of the Spot the Bumpit (TM) game are as follows:
  1. The game is always on--the store, the movies, at school, at work--anywhere.
  2. When there is bumpit in the vicinity, the first person to spot it and call out "bumpit" wins.
  3. If you can manage it, you subtlely take a picture of the bumpit for future storytelling of the "bumpit that was THIS big."
This game amuses us for hours and pretty much anywhere--we're always amazed at how BIG hair can get! There are certain places that we see plenty of Bumpits (TM), such as Friday night at the movies and most grocery stores in B-Town. 


This is where are contest for the week comes in:  The Spot the Bumpit (TM) photo contest.  Here are the details:
  • When you spot a bumpit (TM), take a picture of it using your camera, camera phone, etc. 
  • Send us your picture (via email at reddparty at gmail dot com).
Lee and I will judge which bumpit is the awesomest and we'll post your entries.  The winner gets an awesome prize that we won't reveal till we announce the winner.  Just know it's an AWESOME prize and it's hair-related, of course!  The deadline entry is 11:59 PM of Thursday, October 28, 2010 Monday, November 1, 2010, so get your entries in now! You've only got a week for bumpit (TM) hunting!

Bumpits (TM) are everywhere!  Happy bumpit (TM) hunting!


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