Friday, March 1, 2013

30-Day Challenge: New Music March

Folks, I had so much fun in February with my 30-Day (or rather 28 day) Challenge of doing service each day. I'll write more about it later, but for now, here's my new 30-Day Challenge for March.

As mentioned in a couple earlier posts (here and here), I love music, but I don't really know a wide range of music all that well.

Kimbra in concert

So this month, I'm going to immerse myself in music in a few different ways:
  • Listen to a new-to-me artist every day: This shouldn't be too hard since I don't know a lot of artists.
  • Go on a musical outing every week: We have several concerts planned already (Passion Pit, Imagine Dragons, The Young Dubliners, DJ Tiesto, Joy Formidable, The Magic Flute, etc) and I'm so excited!
  • Learn the ukulele: Start learning how to play my new ukulele that Lee got me for my birthday. I'm taking a Beginning Ukulele class at the end of the month too. I want to learn how to play this song!

So this month that I'm all ears!

I chose my pedicure nail polish color in honor of March Music Month!

Lee suggested that I listen to Led Zeppelin today in order to fully appreciate the roots of hard rock. My friend, The Hot Scot, showed me this video when I told her I was starting out with LZ today. Man, this kid loves his Led Zeppelin!


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