Monday, April 1, 2013

30-Day Challenge: Making Home Sweet Home

March Music Month was off the hook! (Is that still a phrase? I am so square sometimes...)

I had so much fun with all the music we partook of last month, but I'll tell you what--I am exhausted! I'll update you soon with what we experienced and learned. I'd also share a few new-to-me artists I discovered in my daily music quest.

Young Dubliners at The Depot

For my 30-Day Challenge in April, after having lived in our lovely apartment for a little over 4 years, I think it's finally time we actually minimized, organized, and decorated our home so it's us.

Our tastes have changed (we've moved beyond beige, brown, and white) and our philosophies have changed (we like the idea of living minimally) and we ourselves have changed (we're older and wiser nowadays :)), so it's time to adapt our home around all that change.

So this 30-Day Challenge involves:
  1. Getting rid of stuff that we don't need or use. Look out for some posts on Facebook or Twitter for things we're giving away.
  2. Organizing things so that everything (that we have deemed necessary) has a home in our apartment. Label maker here I come!
  3. Decorating our apartment so it reflects me and Lee as a family.

I'll be tackling a small project each day, such as a drawer or a cupboard or a part of a room, so it's not overwhelming. I get overwhelmed easily.

Welcome to the Redd Home!

If there are any of you out there that would like to join us in this 30-Day Challenge for support or you'd like to lend us your design and organizing talents/ideas (we know we have many talented friends and family--wink wink nudge), please contact us.

I'll be posting some projects here and there and at the end of the month, we'll show our "big reveal". Fun stuff!

Now off to find a label maker...


  1. I love this idea! We've been working on this as well. We've gotten rid of so much stuff, that the guy at Goodwill recognized us lat time we dropped things off, both proud and embarrassed by that. Hmmm, I might just have to dust off the blog and join you. . .

    1. Katie, you totally need to dust off the blog...I feel like it's a way to be accountable! Let's do it!

  2. I'll join you! It's time to get things a little organized around here!

    1. Yay! I can't imagine your place being not organized, but the more, the merrier!

  3. ummm... yeah, my place is always organized...cough cough.....


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