Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project Life 365: Week 1

Lee jokes that he's married to a Chinese tourist, because I'm always walking around taking pictures of everything.

It's true--I take pictures of everything.

Ever since my dad bought me a Nikon film camera at a garage sale, I've been hooked. My dad was always taking pictures to document his family's life too, I'm thinking it's a genetic thing.

All of us (except for the youngest sister) in Hawaii

All last year, I was intrigued by all the people that took a picture and posted it every day of 2012, but I kind of joined the party late. I thought to myself, "I take lots of pictures. I could do that too." and vowed that I would do it in 2013.

So here I am. I am hoping that participating in Project Life 365, I'll take pictures of the little things about our daily life that I forget to write about or photograph. I am also hoping that my photography skillz get better with each picture. And lastly, I'm hoping to actually stick with at least one resolution for the entire year!

Without further ado, our life this week, Week 1, a great and grand week:

January 1: Having appetizers at Roosters Brewing Company before going to do iFly in Ogden.

At Roosters Brewing Company in Ogden

January 2: Lee made mabo tofu for dinner. It was delicious--I think he makes it better than I do.

Great protein-packed meal

January 3: Lee was wearing this outfit when some guy hit on him in the men's bathroom. That's my husband looking good! By the way, he's trying to be a hipster in this picture.

Yes, Lee is holding a snowman mug--he's such a hipster.

January 4: We have colorful shoes. My favorite are the red patent leather ones--every girl should own some red shoes.

These shoes rock!

January 5: We gave a glass flower-making class to my cute artist sister-in-law for Christmas, so she and I went down on Saturday. This is the hot glass on the end of rod being rolled in violet glass bits that will be melted to create colors in the flower.

Don't touch--hot!

Have a gorgeous week!


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