Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's getting dark again!

On this day when we change our clocks, I have to sit down and make a plan.

Friends, I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Basically when it gets darker in the winter, I am not my usual cheerful self.

I can remember first realizing I was struggling with SAD while on a mission for my church in Russia. I arrived in Moscow mid-January, when the sun rose at 10 AM and set at 4 PM. It was a brutal two months till spring, but once March came around, I was happy again!

Now that I know that it can be a problem, I make a list of things to do around this time of the year so I can beat those winter blues.

My list usually consists of four things:
  1. Be active: One year, I took beginning snowboarding lessons. It was so fun! This year, Lee and I are going to go skiing and snowshoeing at least once. We also are planning on doing the South Davis Sweethearts 5K in February--I always like having a goal.
  2. Be with people: I am a social person--I need people! We'll be doing our annual Ugly Christmas Sweater and White Elephant Gift Exchange Party, Iron Chefs, and Creative Girls Nights.
  3. Get away: Hopefully somewhere warm and sunny or somewhere new. Traveling and discovering new places makes me happy. We're going to the DC area soon and I'm so excited for all that history!
  4. Do some service: Gratitude always changes my mood. Lee and I are planning on making a gingerbread house for the Festival of Trees auction. We've never made one before, so wish us luck!
Do you ever get the winter blues? What do you do to stay happy?


  1. I know somewhere sunny and warm you can visit ;)

    1. Oh my heck! We should come visit you...that is such a great idea!!

  2. I have issues with the season change also, I am completely hooked on sunlight. I sometimes self-medicate (tee hee), but find the best thing for me is to get out in the sun while it's out. If I can even get 20 minutes at lunch time walking around the park, it makes a big difference...



  3. It's a doozy ... my dad has struggled with this for years. Sounds like you are intentional about taking care of yourself. Hoping for lots of sun-shiny days for you this fall and winter! :) Visiting from SITS.

  4. Great ideas! I bought one of those natural lights and sit in front of it for 15 min a day and that really helps me out.

  5. I definitely am affected by the time change, particularly January and February. I feel like it is perpetually cold, dark, and wet in my area during those months! My job doesn't really lend itself for me to take vacay during that time frame either! Great tips!


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