Saturday, June 30, 2012

Olympic Spirit

Lee and I have been watching a lot of the US Olympic Trials lately. Since the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, I have loved the Olympics. I don't remember watching the Olympics, but I do remember a VHS my parents had purchased with the highlights of those games and watching that tape a lot.

It's so inspirational and hopeful--those athletes and those supporting them are so impressive. I love the Olympic Spirit!

I volunteered in the Olympic Spirit Band (left) playing my clarinet during the Olympics inn Salt Lake City in 2002.

There have been a couple other things that have gotten me into the Olympic spirit, like this commercial by P&G. I can't help get teary eyed watching it.

I also love this rocking anthem by Muse that is the official track for the 2012 Games.

Anyway, we can't wait to see
  1. The Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte rivalry in swimming. I feel like records will be broken.
  2. Ashton Eaton in the decathlon. The guy set a world record at the Olympic Trials.
  3. The Women's soccer team--that Abby Wombach is fierce!
  4. Anything gymnastics related. USA vs Russia is always fun to watch.
  5. Diving, especially the high platform. I kind of like watching people doing something I am too chicken to do.

Is anyone else stoked for the Olympics like I am? What events are you looking forward to watching?


  1. Hi there! Just dropping by via Sharefest Saturday! I could not agree more about the spirit of the Olympics. I have been watching the trials too & also getting quite teary-eyed...uh quite often! It's all so moving & exciting! Glad we can share the same feelings for this upcoming event!! :)

  2. I love watching the divers, too! Definitely looking forward to the Michael Phelps / Ryan Lochte rivalry. Happy Saturday! Dropping by from SITS!

  3. The Olympics are awesome and so inspiring. Not that at 40 I intend on pursuing the olympics-lol. Just the spirit of it in general. Luckily, my kids love it, too. We should have some fun family nights together! Great post- glad to have you at my blog today!

  4. Usain Bolt got beat. Looks like there's some competition there -- won't that be fun?

    We've been watching a lot as well. So excited!

    Stopping by from SITS. Have a great weekend.

  5. We were so excited to see the US girls playing soccer the other day. We've been wanting to show our kiddos what a professional-level soccer game looks like. The soccer they play is a group of kids running around the field in one big blob. It's hilarious!

    I can't wait for track and field events. Love that you played in the spirit band!

    1. That game was played in my neck of the woods. It was 95 degrees out there--I was so impressed with their hustle in that kind of heat!

  6. LOVE the Olympics.. The mom video makes me cry every time I see it!!

  7. It's hard to read the rest of your post with the tears in my eyes I have after watching that commercial!!!

  8. I'm glad I'm the only one , Jen!


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