Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pastry Wednesday: Tullie's Chocolate Bouchon

Tullie Bakery seems to be the go-to place for Adnohr and Sugaraholic as of late. I still haven't set foot in the bakery, and I think I haven't yet because subconsciously I am trying to avoid the embarrasment of walking out with boxes and boxes of every single type of pastry there.  That's gotta be it. 

Yeah, that would be awkward.

Adnohr brought these in for her turn of Pastry Wednesday--they are called Chocolate Bouchon. 

Bouchon means cork in french--see the resemblance?

These bouchon are small, but rich cakes with a brownie-like consistency and chocolate chips throughout.    The top part is crustier, dusted with confectioner's sugar. 

In my family when we make a pan of brownies, we fight over who gets the the edges and corners--the crustier and chewier parts!  However, if you get each person their own bouchon, there is no fighting, because it's like a self-contained brownie--a crusty and chewy shell with a fudge-y center as a bonus--'tis heavenly!

Adnohr brought in two for each of us. We each ate one, then brought the second one home for a treat later. I gave it to Lee and he wolfed it down in 3 seconds flat.

Adnohr smiling about her tasty and clever purchase!

Each bouchon runs about $2.50 each and so worth it!  So save your pennies!

Tullie Bakery
863 East 700 South  
Salt Lake City, UT

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  1. YUM!!!
    p.s. Our pics were at Brighton...what a year to have the idea of pics in snow...had to settle for a freezing ski resort and after 15 minutes of pics, we jumped back in the car cuz we were so cold!


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