Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Weekend

A crazy wind storm blew through our county on Thursday, December 1.  Here's the series of events that was our weekend.

1.  Because of the crazy storm that blew through our county, we had a whole lot of this and no power in our neighborhood on Thursday:

One of the big trees in front of the apartment complex went down in the storm.

2.  Because we didn't have power on Thursday, the night we originally planned to do our fondant centers for our hand-dipped chocolates, we did this on Friday night from 9 pm till 2 am:

Measuring stuff out for a batch of fondant centers

Lee is working the fondant center on a cold marble slab and trowels

3.  We did Item #2 so that we would be ready to do this the following morning at 7 am:

I learned to dip chocolates for the first time from Ruth, the amazing chocolate dipper!

Lee was the runner and boxer of chocolates

4. And because we couldn't go to the Festival of Trees on Friday night like we hoped, because we had to do our fondant centers instead, because we didn't have power on Thursday when we were originally planning on doing our centers, because of that wind storm that blew through our town Thursday, we did this on Saturday night from 10 pm to 12:30 am so we could hang out with our awesome friend, Dr. Runner, who invites us to go to the Festival every year:

Wrapping Christmas trees for delivery

5. And because of that storm that blew through on Thursday, most of church was canceled so we could clean up the neighborhood before the next wind storm, which was supposed to happen last night.  We got to do a lot of this:

Lee is up the tree, tying a rope to it before cutting it down

Lee's chainsawing skills put to the test on the tree he just fell.

The Car Guy (our bro-in-law) and Lee, cutting up the last bit of stump

Needless to say, we were exhausted when we got up today.  It was a full and wonderful weekend, but I could use another one!


  1. I love that nickname! You guys work hard and play hard. I love that!!! Thanks for coming to help on Saturday night!

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  3. @Julia

    Julia, I didn't have to think too hard regarding your nickname! We are glad you invite us every year--it's a tradition for us now!

  4. You wrapped trees on Saturday night?? So did I! (It's my job, you know - coordinating the Festival of Trees.) Fun times! :)

    Also...homemade hand-dipped chocolates = YUM.

  5. @Amber Nielsen
    Amber--you are in charge of all this fund raising stuff! We love wrapping the trees! It's the best!


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