Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Thanksgiving-Christmas Wreath and a Wreath-Hanging Tip

Lee and I had a grand Thanksgiving weekend--did you?  We hope so.

Ours was filled with Lee's sister opening her mission call (Uruguay--woot!), the Muppet's movie (loved loved it!), pre-Thanksgiving Zumba class (gotta burn off the calories), making potstickers (it's one of my family traditions), eating a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, playing games, looking at Black Friday ads, sleeping in on Black Friday, cleaning out the gutters at the apartments, going shopping when it wasn't busy, and just hanging out and doing very little.  It was seriously an awesome weekend.

During one of our outings this last weekend shopping was this wreath that Lee spotted at the World Market.  I had been wanting to make a new wreath for this Christmas season, but Lee kept frowning at me when I'd point one out that I wanted to buy and spruce up.

Apparently he had a different idea in his head.  This wreath is plain Jane, has some nice "movement" to it, and exactly what Lee had in mind.

Plain, but exactly what Lee wanted!

It was a sweet find, because it was in the clearance section--half off!  But what made it even better was that Lee asked the manager if he could have it for a "buck or two" less from the clearance price since it was missing an owl that was supposed to be sitting on the wooden dowel in the middle section.

No owl on the dowel = Discount!

She ended up giving us an additional half off the already half-off price!  Woot!  Thank you, Dave Ramsey!

Then, I found these cute felt snowflake coasters for a couple bucks and the vision of our Christmas wreath became clear!

We arranged the snowflakes how we wanted them and glued them together using a hot glue gun. We then trimmed down a kabob bamboo skewer. We chose a wooden skewer because it hides well in the grass!

Then, we then positioned the snowflakes where we wanted and glued the skewer to the glued-together snowflakes like so:

We glued it in such a way that when we stuck the skewer in, you couldn't see it and the snowflakes looked nice.

Oh, look--no skewer in sight!  Plus, we can change out the decoration since it's not glued onto the wreath!

Anyway, here's our finished project:

Cute, huh?  And Christmas-y!  A Christmas-y wreath made during Thanksgiving!

We, of course, had to pose with our creation.  Yes, Lee is wielding a staple gun in his picture.

Helpful Wreath-Hanging Tip:  One tip that I learned from Mom K was the ribbon trick. She uses a ribbon to hang her wreaths, instead of one of those wire hook thingees that can scrape up your door.

All you do is hook or loop the ribbon somewhere on the wreath (we used the peg that the missing owl was supposed to be perched on), then either staple gun or thumb-tack the ribbon to the top (that flat, narrow, horizontal strip) of the door at the height you want the wreath.

We don't have flat thumb tacks, so we opted for the trusty staple gun.  No marks and it looks nice!  Plus, you get to choose a festive ribbon for each season.

Isn't Mom K a smart cookie?

She sure is!

"I am sharing my holiday home decor and cleaning tips for the chance to win prizes from The SITS Girls and Great Cleaners."


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